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Get the knowledge

It takes 8,000 hours of training and an intimate knowledge of every street, alley and shortcut right across London to become a licensed taxi driver. In fact, our drivers train for longer than it takes to earn a university degree, and licensed taxis have been proven to take just 68% of the time of an Uber to get you where you need to be.

What’s more, taking a licensed taxi is a fairer deal for everyone. Licensed taxis are purpose-built vehicles designed for the crowded and narrow streets of London, and are disability-friendly and wheelchair accessible. London cabbies are professionals with a real stake in London and its future.

Uber unfair

You don’t know what you’re getting into with an Uber – anyone with a satnav could be behind the wheel. Your driver will be untrained and potentially unlicensed and uninsured.

Uber exploits its drivers – who have no rights to sick pay, paid holidays, pensions or even the minimum wage, with many working dangerously long hours. Uber relentlessly works to undermine any regulations that could hit its profits – even if that means endangering lives in the process. It domiciles itself offshore to avoid paying taxes in the UK and relies on the UK benefits system to subsidise its drivers’ low wages.

There are now 118,000 minicab drivers in London, up by 40,000 in two years, meaning increased congestion and pollution on London’s streets, with journey times up by more than 10% last year.

Help us level the playing field

Even worse, Uber has been actively helped by friends in the previous Government to avoid scrutiny and regulation and continue exploiting workers and dodging taxes.

That’s why we’re demanding TfL refuse to re-license Uber – so join our call and send an email today

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